6 Things To Keep In Mind For Your First Trip After This Lockdown

🤯Travel agencies, long vacation tours, adventurous trips, even Zoo closed as the pandemic hit every part of the world.

The terror of getting infected by the noble coronavirus forced the government to lock down the entire country along with their borders, from every possible side.

In these situations, we are compelled to stay home, avoid gatherings, travelling and to maintain a feasible social distance.

When will this end?

The answer is yet to be answered but we can picture the tourism market after this COVID-19 hangover. More people will travel less and tourism will face a hard time to gain back their travellers to travel more.

But many travel lover, including me, are excited to travel as soon as this COVID-19 gets calm or cured completely. I want to go for a long vacation, wild treks and travel more parts of Nepal.

As I was checking my old photos of my first trekking to Poonhill, I remembered walking in the alleys of the jungles, running on the mountains trails, splashing stream water over each other and embracing the peaceful nature. The time was precious and the moments are unforgettable.

I want to get that same thrill again after this lockdown and end of COVID-19 crisis. But as a traveller, there are going to be things that we have to keep in mind for our trips after lockdown.

Here are my tips for you to keep in mind for your next trip post-COVID-19:

Select Safe Local Destination🚶

Even if the lockdown ends, don’t hurry to travel abroad or far distance. Early-stage of pandemic end doesn’t signify, it is safe to travel around the world this soon.

Rather, choose local travel destinies for now. Go to the closest valley hikes, go for bungee jumping, rafting or a jungle safari close to your hometown.

Being in Kathmandu Valley, I recommend you to go to Shivapuri National Park, Champadevi hike or a hike to Bethanchwok. Either way, select your destination wisely. Travelling soon after this pandemic can be risky so avoid travelling to unsafe or most-affected regions.

Travel In Small Group 👫

Travelling in a big group with all college friends is a fantastic idea. But not soon after the lockdown ends. If you can wait, travel a few months later. If you can’t resist travelling, travel with a small group.

As you select a nearby travel destination, plan your short travel trip with limited friends. The less the better. I would recommend you to travel in a pair or three maximum at a time. Also, don’t get to organize big gatherings and be part of big gatherings. We all have to be safe and alert all the time if you are travelling for the first time after the lockdown ends.

Buy Sanitizers And Other Essential Materials 🧼

You are travelling means you are going to get in contact with people and things around. Make sure you buy hand sanitizers, soap, gloves, and masks and carry essentials of your own.

Try not to share each other’s travelling essentials and maintain social distancing. You are travelling means you are prone to risks bacteria and virus. So, wear masks, gloves, clean clothes, and travel safely. Prevention is always better than cure.

Don’t mess around with each other and with strangers on the way as you go travelling. Always cover your nose and mouth and avoid close contact with people with any kind of infection.

Cancel Travel Plans That Are Risky🏹

It is not mandatory to complete each travel bucket list for 2020. Maybe you wanted to travel far west this year or the plains of terai but unfortunately travelling these areas soon after lockdown might not be a safe idea.

You can travel there later this year or next year but you have to be safe too. Even people there might not welcome traveller guests wholeheartedly risking their lives. It is highly recommended to travel short distances and in safe areas only.

If You Are Sick Don’t Travel😷

When we are moderately sick, we sometimes feel like travelling more thinking we will be fresh and our weariness will go away. This might/not be true but don’t make this mistake by travelling when you are sick.

You will threat others risking their lives too. All you need is rest if you are sick. Prefer going to the doctor than for a trek.

Once you recover, you are free to go anywhere, anytime. But maybe this is not the perfect time to travel if you are yourself not feeling good.

Promote Local tourism and Local Products 🏘️

If you are travelling soon after this lock down, I highly recommend you to promote our local tourism and local products first.

The economic and socio-cultural condition of tourism is sure to degrade post this lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, but we together can promote local tourism and help each other rise again.

Prefer buying local food items, clothing and essentials. Write more about our country’s larger prospect in tourism to promote tourism. Share personal experiences, photo stories, and travel diaries with everyone and help Nepal up-stand again to its progressing level. We as a citizen of a diversified country can rise if we stand together.

Where are you planning to travel soon after this lockdown? Share your thought in the comment below.

Guest post contributed by Susan Chaudhary. Susan is an aspiring writer at Offline Thinker

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