Gosaikunda Trek: A holy journey-A pilgrim’s way.

Gosainkunda, marked by 7 sacred Hindu lakes and spectacular mountain views, is the ultimate tourist destination in Nepal. Everything from the snow-capped Himalayan peaks to the lovely weather and breathtaking sights is inviting and welcoming. The calmly flowing pristine waters of holy lakes of Gosainkunda, Saraswatikunda and Bhairabkunda make this trek more worthy. Like other … Read more

They had a choice to return, yet these outsiders decided to ‘live’ Nepal lockdown

Due to the current pandemic COVID-19, many countries are in lockdown including Nepal. But besides the lockdown restriction, every night thousands of Nepalese are leaving the capital city and going back to their own hometown.  The continuous addition of the lockdown period is excessively hard for the working-class people and the labourers who have low … Read more

Trekking in Nepal-A Complete Guide

Nepal is a blessed country when it comes to trekking and trekkers. The Himalayan Mountains have numerous trails which have different levels of difficulty. From a beginner trekker to a pro trekker, everyone can find a trekking trail suitable for him/her. This guide on trekking in Nepal is an endeavour to provide people with the … Read more

Top 5 Nepal Treks To Put On Your Bucket List

Nature has blessed Nepal 🇳🇵 🇳🇵…. Home to the Great Himalayas, beyond measure when it comes to beauty and adventure. The sky-high peaks and narrow passes in Nepalese mountains make for the best thrilling and adventurous hiking and trekking. They are the ultimate tourist destination for trekking junkies all over the world. These places are … Read more

Mai-Pokhari: The Mesmerizing Water park in Eastern Nepal

Mai Pokhari-A quick look: Name: Mai -Pokhari Address: Maipokhari- & Sulubung-4, Ilam  Ownership: This is a Public Property under Government protection Altitude: 2100 meter elevation Latitude : 270 57′ 36” to 270 05′ 24”(North)  Longitude : 87051′ 36” to 870 58′ 12”(East)  Area: 1.8 hectare  Sensitive Area: 10.4 hectares  Total Area: 90 hectares  Depth: 7.25 meters Where is Mai Pokhari located? Located in eastern … Read more

7 Free Things to Do in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is one of the loveliest capital cities across the globe. Everything from the food to the architecture of buildings is fascinating and attractive. The city has a high visit rate by tourists and no doubt, there is a perfect blend of locals and tourists there. Therefore, the Nepalese government has put in so many … Read more