6 thrilling adventures in Nepal you don’t want to miss

Nepal is land of rich landscapes which offer not only beautiful sights but also adventurous activities to quench your thirst for thrills and adrenalin rush.

From paragliding and mountain biking to canyoning and bungee jumping, you can do pretty much everything to have the thrills of your life.

No matter which part of Nepal you are in, you will never run out of things to do. Here is a list of the top adventure activities that this amazing land and its waters have to offer.


A remote adventure journey through the Himalayan trails

Trekking in Everest Nepal

Photo By: jostkobusch

What is the point of a tour to the trekker’s paradise if you do not go trekking in Nepal?

Since it has eight out of the ten highest peaks of the world, trekking is the best adventure activity that one can dream of while in Nepal.

The vast stretches of the Great Himalayas are lying in wait for tourists to explore them on foot throughout the year. The rough terrain and challenging nature of the trails make trekking in Nepal more adventurous and worth its while.

While you are trekking the highs and lows of the Himalayan Mountains, you come across the local people whose hospitality leaves you in awe of their generosity and love for tourists.

Nepal is rich in treks of all kinds which range from a single day trek to the ones which might take months for completion.

All of the heart-winning treks like Manaslu, Annapurna Circuit trek and other Nepalese treks are sure to give you an experience that you will revere for the rest of your life.

The exotic views and wildlife of various kinds add to the beauty of these treks. The frozen waterfalls and pristine lakes along the course of your trek are something that you need to see and fall in love with.

The beauty of trekking in Nepal is that you can always find a trail which suits your physical fitness and stamina as they have various degrees of challenging nature.

Recommended Trekking destinations

⛰️Annapurna circuit

⛰️Upper Mustang

⛰️Everest Basecamp

⛰️Kanchanjunga Basecamp

⛰️Ghorepani PoonHill

⛰️Manaslu circuit


fly like a bird to view the majestic Himalayas from a new and exciting perspective

paragliding in pokhara

Photo by: firante

We have always dreamt of dreaming like birds, haven’t we? It is high time you brought that dream to reality by going paragliding in Nepal.

Paragliding in Nepal is something that you cannot experience at any other place on the earth.

There are so many paragliding points in the mountains of Nepal that you can find yourself one no matter which side of the Nepalese mountains you are in. the best paragliding spot is the Annapurna region and in that specifically the Pokhara Valley.

The valley gives you an opportunity of feasting your eyes with the beauty of 3 of the 8000m high peaks of Nepal which is an adventurous experience on its own.

Apart from Annapurna, there are many other exquisite world-class spots for paragliding in Nepal too.

Sarangkot has one of the best paragliding points of the world at 1425m and you should never miss a chance for this.

This paraglide is particularly great as it enables you to fly around the majestic Fewa Lake and Machachpucre (the tall mountain).

How can one not enjoy the thrilling experience of ruling the sky like birds while paragliding on one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world?

Recommended paragliding spot in Nepal

  1. Pokhara
  2. Chapakharka
  3. Kot danda
  4. Godavari
  5. Fulchowki

Bungee jumping🤾‍♀️

challenge yourself with a wild adventure

Bunjee nepal

Photo Credit: @hgnepal

Although you can go, bungee jumping at many places in the world, but no place even comes close to Nepal’s bungee jumping points.

Nepal has only two bungee jumping points, but these two surpass other bungee jumping spots of the world due to the enormous thrills that they get there.

The first one is the 160 m bungee jump into the Bhote Koshi River near the Nepalese-Tibetan border is the biggest free fall point of the world. You just cannot help admiring the amazing beauty of the surrounding land while going down.

These few minutes of your life are always going to remain in your memories which you will keep telling your family and friends about forever.

The other one is the bungee jumping from a 166m wide steel suspension bridge, which is the most incredible bungee jump of the world.

The lush greenery surrounding this Swiss-made bridge and the 4x safety factor makes bungee jumping here a magical and worth having experience. So, do not forget to go bungee jumping at either of these two spots while you are in Nepal the next time.

Recommended Bungee site in Nepal

  1. The last resort 
  2. High ground adventures


Adventure with the splash of fun

Photo by: explore__nepal

Rafting in Nepal is sure to give you the thrills and satiate your thirst for adventure even if paragliding and trekking haven’t done so already.

Imagine the sharp twists and turns in the swift waters of Nepal while the towering mountains of the Himalayas surround you with their exquisite views, lush greenery and the best weather in the world.

This sure is something that your adventure-hungry soul can feast on! White water rafting in Nepal is particularly an unforgettable experience as these waters come directly from the highest glaciers in the world.

Rafting here is not all about floating and rowing crazily on the fast rushing waters, but you get to have some time for relishing the beauty of the mountains and picturesque views surrounding you.

While you are willing to give yourself the adrenaline rush by going rafting in Nepal, we would recommend the Pokhara-Kali Gandaki and Seti rivers.

They have the best waters and accompanying challenges to touch your very soul with the excitement that they offer.

The rivers of Annapurna are magical and offer the best rafting experience in the world. Sun Koshi, Karnali, Bhote Koshi, Trishuli, and Marsyangdi rivers are excellent for rafting too. So, do not miss an opportunity of rafting in Nepal while you are here on your next visit.

Recommended Rafting spot in Nepal

  1. Sun Kosi River Rafting
  2. Kali Gandaki River Rafting
  3. Marsyangdi River Rafting
  4. Bhote Kosi River Rafting
  5. Trisuli River Rafting


blend of adventure and spirit

Photo by: aadi824

Okay, so canyoning is the best water sport in Nepal hands down! This involves sliding, climbing, jumping into turquoise pools and swimming in the waters of Nepal, all of which are exciting and thrilling activities that you cannot miss out on.

If you love water and can go crazy on the canyon cliffs of Nepal then do try canyoning there as it is something that you would want to come back for again and again.

Canyoning automatically brings you closer to nature and make you fall in love with the extreme water sports which challenge you both physically and mentally.

The natural beauty surrounding you while canyoning is something that you can observe from down below too.

However, observing it from this perspective is a whole new and more rewarding experience which you will remember for the rest of your life.

The slippery rocks make it hard to the canyon, but do not let your inner adventure-lover be intimidated by this as the result will be worth every difficulty.

Recommended operators in Nepal

  1. Hardcore Nepal
  2. Paddle Nepal

Jungle Safari:

Excursion through the heart of the jungle

Photo by: Sagar Giri

Jungle safari in Nepal is a very magical and memorable experience which remains in your heart forever.

It has been always been among the top adventure activities in Nepal and we must agree that it is a much-relished and truly deserved activity.

There is nothing compared with the exquisite scenes marked by the wild animals which leave you in awe of the beastly animals like tigers and some rare species of animals.

Trekking in the Himalayas is unbeatable and a thing that you must do while in Nepal. But this trekking cannot surpass the level of driving or riding a jeep through the jungles full of animals of all kinds, can it?

The rich biodiversity of Nepal, especially in Chitwan National Park, lies waiting for you to come and explore.

The rhinoceros and elephants are some of the massive animals which you can interact with. You even get to ride on elephant’s back in some national parks.

Nepal has a lot of national parks and wildlife reserves where you can quench your thirst of knowledge about wildlife. So, go out to Nepal and experience the thrilling and rejuvenating jungle safaris there.

Recommended Destination in Nepal

  1. Chitwan National Park

All of these adventure activities are like a dream come true for all those who are on a constant lookout for an adrenaline rush. So, make sure to get a taste of all or most of them while you are here in Nepal!

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